What is ObitMichigan.com?

ObitMichigan.com is a partnership site between your local funeral service companies and your local TV affiliates.   If you have a question or concern, please use the CONTACT tab to send an email to our staff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time can I see on-air death notifications on WNEM-TV5 & MY5?

A: The on-air death notifications can be viewed at the following times: WNEM TV5: Monday-Friday: 8:55 a.m.; 12:28 p.m.; 6:28 p.m., Saturday: 8:55a, Sunday: 7:55a and 8:55am. ALSO, airing on MY5: Monday-Friday: 6:24am, 6:55am, 4:25pm and 7:25pm.

Q: What is the music that is being played during WNEM-TV5's death notices?

A: The music that is played is a compilation of licensed music for the station. The main piece that is played is called "The Strength Within" by Wayne Coster and produced by JRM Music.

Q: How can I place an out-of-state obituary on ObitMichigan?

A: At this time our policy is that obituaries are entered into our system by funeral service companies. If you wish for an obituary to appear on this site, and on the television broadcast(s), please contact a licensed funeral home. If you are using an out of state funeral home, please have the funeral home or yourself contact us directly at tracy.poisson@wnem.com.

Q: How do I get the password to log in to view condolence messages that have been left for my family member?

A: The funeral services company that entered the notification can provide you with the password.

Q: Why do I not see the condolence messages I left for the family?

A: All condolence messages are private to the family. If the family wishes, they can allow the messages to be made "public" and shown on the notification page.

Q: I have my condolence password, but now what do I do with it?

A: To view the condolences: 1) Click on the LOGIN tab, 2) Enter your password given to you by the funeral home or sent via email, 3) Click on the LOGIN button to list the condolence messages and 4) Approve, View, Print or Delete Messages by accessing the icons on the far-right side.

Q: I'm looking for a notification for someone but can't find them on your site. Can you help?

A: All of our notifications are entered by funeral services companies at the request of family members. Only those requested by family members will appear on our site.

Q: Why am I unable to find the obituary of a loved one that passed away?

A: This service launched in 2009. Therefore, any obituaries prior to that time will not be found on the site. Additionally, families are given the option to publish the obituary of their loved ones on the site during the service planning with a licensed funeral home. At this time, not all families are choosing this option. We expect this will change as more families and funeral homes learn about the on-air and on-line service.

Q: Can I receive an email of the daily notices?

A: Yes. You can register for an account on the LOGIN page. Click on Register to begin that process. During registration you will choose the frequency with which you would like to receive the notification emails; daily, weekly, or monthly.

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Vincent Faletti 12/29/1916 to 3/26/2015 Saginaw 3/30/2015 view obituary
Theodore W. Forgette, Jr. 5/18/1953 to 3/24/2015 Bay City 3/31/2015 view obituary
Jennings Anthony "Gus" Gavit 2/10/1931 to 3/26/2015 Saginaw, Michigan 3/30/2015 view obituary
Frances Huffman 12/12/1947 to 3/21/2015 Saginaw 3/31/2015 view obituary
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